An Introduction

With her mom and sister, Margot and Anne, and family together Her desk, hidden in Annex Bldg and her last smile portrait

People want to know more about Anne Frank and her diary. Anne Frank, relatives, friends and the home she hid in along with others. Her dairy had such an emotional depth in her experience of hiding, however she was not able to remain in hiding and be free. She was caught and sent to the concentration camp where she died. Her father, Otto Frank survived. He lost his beloved wife and 2 daughters. He eventually remarried. There were 4 people along with Anne Frank’s family hiding in the attic. You’ll learn who helped them and also brought magazines and newspapers along with food to keep them surviving and sane. You will also know who arrested Anne Frank's family and the others and send them to various concentration camps. You’ll learn two of Anne Frank’s hobbies.

There were rumors about who were the sources to impel Karl to look for the Jewish people who were hiding in the Annex Bldg. The source(s) and Karl took their secret to their graves without revealing who was the traitor(s).

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