What do people say?

Tim S. pixTim S.: I am very excited about the launch of this site. I check it daily and it gets me out of the house to meet old friends (or make new ones) at the events that are mentioned here.

Paula A. pixPaula A: I met my boyfriend through Connect and now he's my finace! I cannot thank Deaf Village enough!!! I'll always remember that this journey I'm on for the rest of my life started because of this website.



Do you sometimes feel you are all alone? Maybe even feeling a bit lonely??? Does it seems like there are no other deaf people or friends around you, in your hometown or the city where you now live.

If you feel like that, Connect wants you to know: You are not alone!!!

You can find old and long-lost friends or meet new friends not only in your town or city, but across the nation and internationally as well! Find people in your own area to meet up for events, or get out of your home and go somewhere where deaf people can meet.

Deaf Tours and Cruises, US, European, and around the world...

Deaf Expos - National Deaf Expos and more ....

Deaf Events such as Timberfest, Deaf Campouts, Deaf Night Out,...

Deaf Professional Happy Hour and more...

There are events going on near you RIGHT NOW...

What are you waiting for???

Come on and let's begin to have FUN! more »



Want to improve your skills before getting a job? Do your research on this website for wealth of information about accessible workshops (with interpreting services already in place). The workshop providers who advertise here know your needs. more»

Our Tech


Our research and development team has examined a number of HDTVs to test which truly give full closed-captioning (CC) 100% of the time. Well, they found a few good HDTVs, some they would almost rate as "Excellent" more »



Where can you send your kids to get sign language at the same time their getting speech therapy?

Check Day Care Centers here to see if they do have ASL interns working with speech therapists more »