KODA activities for weekends, summer, and afterschool:

Activities run from 3pm-6pm Monday-Thursday and From 3pm-9pm on Fridays. There will be a variety of activities including games, sight seeing and museum trips, movies at the Lions Club, American Legion Club or Rooster Club, volunteer work with the animals at the Humane Society.

If you have some suggestions or feedback. Please contact: info@KODA.org

Kids are in the tent for their lunch.
Wanted age from 16-25 to be staff for kids activities

These kids are at the camping!

Camp for hearing kids

Registration for Summer June 19-Sept 6, 2010.

Activities include swimming, kayaking, youth leadership, debate club, tennis, rollerblading, arts and crafts, drama, and contests. Weekend camp is also available.

Where can you send your kids to get speech therapy in an ASL friendly environment?

Hearing Kids

Deaf parents often fear that their hearing children will exhibit speech delays when they arrive in Kindergarten or pre-school. This is because for many of these children, ASL -- with a different grammar and structure from English -- is their first language. Beyond ASL being their primary language, hearing children in a deaf family may miss out on incidental auditory exposure to the English language because the sound may be turned down on the television with the closed captions turned on. The speech produced by KODAs (Kids of Deaf Adults) is sometimes not not intelligable because they are not in an aural-oral environment for much of their day. Parents of KODAs want to help them avoid the teasing and struggle that sometimes occurs when they enter the school system among hearing peers. Putting your children in a program where the speech therapist knows and can use your child's primary language to teach them English is of great benefit to KODAs. Programs will focus on not only speaking but reading and writing as well. Basic language tools for young children, like Sesame Street and other multimedia will be used.

Another benefit is that grown CODAs (Children of Deaf Adults) may having hearing children who learned ASL not as a primary language, but in parallel to their English. These kids can begin to socailize and build communication skills together so that your KODAs are ready for public school when the time arrives.

Check here for Day Care Centers that have ASL interns working with speech therapists.