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Instant entertainment for people on the go! Netflix offers caption-ready entertainment via DVD by mail and 'Watch Instantly' methods.

When you go to the Netflix website, you can select the DVD titles you want to watch, and order these DVDs through the mail. You opt to have one, two, three or even four DVDs in your home at a time. Regardless of the plan you choose, once you select a DVD online it will arrive in your mailbox in a day or two.

You can also order Netflix movies online and have them streamed instantly to your PC or Mac. Most of time, computers have set up closed captioning options.

Thus you have two different ways of getting Netflix movies, with both the in-mail and instantly streamed movies being closed captioning ready. Select your favorite movies, sit on a comfy couch or put your legs up on the ottoman and enjoy big screen movies from the comfort of your own living room.

Netflix has now introduced an additional way to view movies via your television set. You can purchase a Netflix Ready Device called "Rokux". www.roku.com. While this is a device that facilitates watching Netflix content instantly on your TV, Netflix is not affiliated with Rokux products.

Once you've purchased a Roku, you can plug it into any TV (connecting it to the Internet via an Ethernet cable). Then you can interface with Netflix via Rokux. You can browse movies and select the ones you would like to watch immediately, at any time.

Besides the Rokux device, some game boxes can be used to view Netflix instantly on your TV as well. If you already own a Netflix Ready Device such as XBox, PS3, and Wii, they function just like a Rokux device does.

One word of warning to Deaf consumers, however. Netflix Ready Devices do not have the chip for closed captioning. Netflix is still working on putting closed captioning on "streamed" movies. We all know that these things can take time, and Netflix is working on licensing rights and doing a lot of testing to put closed captioning on the movies. As for subtitles, this is already in the pictures.

Netflix is currently the only company that is working on putting closed captioning on streamed movies. Hopefully all the 'technical difficulties' will be straightened out by the end of this year.

It is definitely true that there are amazing uses of technology making our lives easier today. However, there are also those 'technical difficulties' that still need to be ironed out. At this point we can enjoy the technology we have while we wait for the flaws to be worked out.

Research & Development News


Our research and development team has examined a number of HDTVs to test which truly give full closed-captioning (CC) 100% of the time. Well, they found a few good HDTVs, some they would almost rate as "Excellent." The Sony Bravia 45" SKU #784394137 was rated hightest and considered very deaf and consumer friendly, having a 100% record of CC success.. The product has a nice design and offeres high quality picture. One benefit is you can adjust CC font to any size type from 12 to 22 and offers 3 different fonts: Arial, Helvetica, and Comic Sans. The 22 size font may be good for elderly people who have a hard time reading at a distance, and may be good for low vision users or those with Usher's syndrome. The traditional font and size for CC is Times New Roman 12, which has been in use since 1977. You can even select any color for the CC!! The price range for this unit is $1500-2200.

The second pick was the LG 32" SKU #547941 with a price range of $1900-2700. It had a high percentage of success with close captioning, but doesn't offer all the options as our number one pick.

Which handheld devices offer CC on streamed video content (on-demand television, YouTube, etc.)?


There are currently only two pagers that offer this technology. One model is the HTCG4 PAH SKU #5661. It allows the user to adjust the caption font size so you will be able to read clearly while you are watching on demand TV or movies. The price range for this device is $600-750.

The second mobile device with this technology is the Samsung CC SKU #48784. The CC on this device is limited to a few sizes as compred to the LGD PAH have. The price range is $350-475.

What wakes you up in the morning? If you're sharing the bed with someone, do you prefer to have a clock with a dual alarm instead of two separate alarm clocks?

Clock Vibrate or with your lamp

Some couples prefer to have separate alarm clocks, but some of them want to save energy and use a dual clock alarm. Deaf couples need to think about alarm preferenes in terms of selecting clocks that vibrate or have the flashing light option. Now comes the search for a dual alarm with vibrate(s) or flash options for both of you.

A dual vibrating clock alarm. Price range $75-80.

A dual clock alarm with one vibrating alarm and one plug for your lamp. Price range $60-70.

A dual flashing clock alarm. Price range $45-50.

A basic clock alarm with one plug-in for your lamp. Price range $15-20.

A basic clock with vibrating alarm. Price range $25-35.