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You can go by train, bus or ferry from London & Dover, England:

When going from London to Paris via train, the Eurostar is by far the fastest but you'll need buy the tickets in advance.

A cheaper but longer ride is on the Britrail (train) to Dover, England (2 1/2 hours), a bus ride to the ferry terminal (10 minutes), check in at the ferry terminal, a 5 min bus ride to the ferry, ferry ride (1 1/2 hours), bus ride to town of Calais train station (10 min) and train ride to Paris (4 hours)--not to mention the waiting, which can transform this very unpopular trip to 12 hours!

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Eurostar Train
Ferry Terminal

You can fly into Paris from many major cities around the world since the demand to see Paris make it accessible to fly there:

There are two major airports in Paris: Orly International Airport and the Charles de Gaulle International Airport.

If you don't want to take taxi or shuttle, have your flight go to Charles de Gaulle Airport which has buses and train going to Paris. Bus and REF train services are accessible while in Paris.

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Paris By Train