Vincent age 19
Vincent Age 19
Life in England
Vincent moves to the London Goupil branch in June 1873. Daily contact with works of art kindles his appreciation of paintings and drawings. In the city's museums and galleries, he admires the realistic paintings of peasant life by Jean-Francois Millet and Jules Breton. Gradually Vincent loses interest in his work and turns to the Bible. He is transferred in 1874 to Goupil's Paris branch, where he remains for three months before returning to London. Vincent's performance at Goupil's continues to deteriorate. In May 1875 he is sent again to Paris. He attends art exhibitions at the Salon and the Louvre, and decorates his room with art prints by Hague School and Barbizon artists. In late March 1876 Vincent is dismissed from Goupil's. Driven by a growing desire to help his fellow man, he decides to become a clergyman.